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We value our patients' experience at Cornerstone Chiropractic Wellness. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Shan Twit
Your Lexington Chiropractor

  • "I have a great experience @ Stamford Chiropractic. I suffered from awful headaches & exhaustion & after 6 weeks I can feel a huge difference in my overall health many thanks Dr. Twit!"
    Jessica C
  • "Dr. Twit and the staff have been wonderful. I really enjoy the holistic approach he uses, talking about overall health and not just the chiropractic side. I feel a great deal better on a daily basis since starting my care. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health."
    Jason P
  • "I started seeing Dr. Twit after my back went out last summer while gardening. I've been going for adjustments for 15 years and was very impressed with his method- which is different than the doctors I've seen in the past. Love love the traction therapy machine, and the Light Therapy helped ease my elbow pain almost immediately! My work as an electrologist has me hunched over all day- Dr. Twit helps me go on without pain!"
    Lisa P
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Twit since the summer and I can't begin to tell the phenomenal results I have seen. I work as a full time nanny for three young children who are constantly sick, and I have remained healthy the entire time. I never get colds anymore, and I generally just feel better. I also used to get headaches all the time and now those are very rare. Dr. Twit has recently treated me for injuries sustained in a car accident, and the results have been great! Dr. Twit is amazing, and I really appreciate the time he takes to explain things. I know he truly cares about all of his patients!"
    Meg K
  • "I would highly recommend Dr. Twit to anyone in need of a chiropractor. He is highly knowledgeable and takes the time to explain to you your specific problem and course of action needed to repair damage caused by a lifetime of trauma to the spine. I have found that my pain has substantially subsided, not on a consistent week to week basis, but over the course of the entire therapy from start to finish. You will have bad weeks before good ones, but you must stick to his plan and come on a consistent basis and follow his exercise plan and I promise, you will see (or rather feel) results!"
    Connie B
  • "Before seeing Dr. Twit regularly I suffered from limited mobility in my neck and chronic lower back pain that impeded my physical interests. After a mere two weeks I've regained and noticed a drastic increase in strength and mobility in both areas, as well as, a decline in discomfort. Thanks Dr. Twit!"
    Chez S
  • "After landing on my neck and losing mobility in rotating my neck all the way to the right, I would have neck stiffness, tenderness and strain from my neck down to my shoulder blades. Every morning, I'd wake up stiff in the mid back and neck. Dr. Twit was extremely kind in accommodating the schedule of a college student and made it possible for me to come in for treatment. He is knowledgeable, generous, fun and most importantly, he cares. My neck mobility returned, the mid back and neck pain has diminished and my poster is more balanced and efficient than ever."
    Stavros B
  • "Dr. Twit is helping me with a problem I've been dealing with for years. I work on computers all day, which causes my headaches due to poor posture. Since coming to the Doc, my headaches have lessened and health has over all improved. I definitely recommend coming to see him yourself!"
    Chris J
  • "Many moons ago, practicing Aikijutsu, I was put in a painful sitting guillotine. Since then, my neck and base of my craniuim would hurt depending on which way my head was turned. Dr. Twit noticed the discrepancy right away without me having told him. Furthermore, when the X-Rays were examined, he pointed out arthritis on C5 and C6 vertebrae. The treatments have helped immensely and I love the added wellness education."
    Luis R
  • "I started bringing in my twin daughters (now 21 months) to see Dr. Twit when they were 1 year old. He has treated them for constipations, to ease symptoms of colds and ear infections and alleviate spinal misalignments after the usual toddler falls. His treatments have shortened their illnesses and we have avoided antibiotics for ear infections. They respond well to him and are ease with him adjusting their spines and necks. He lies them tummy-down on his lap and palpates their spines. As a result, they sleep better, are less crancy during teething episodes and are more frequently in good moods because they are not in pain. I am extremely happy with the results."
    Kate J
  • "My thyroid had been swollen since my early thirties. In my forties it was determined that I needed to be on medication for hypothyroidism. My thyroid still remained swollen and tests showed no reason for it. In my fifties I attended a talk by Dr. Twit where he said a misaligned spine could cause the thyroid to swell and not perform well. Sure enough after a few months of visits with Dr. Twit my thyroid swelling completely went away!"
    Marilyn S
  • "Prior to Dr. Twit, I have suffered from neck and lower back issues. He had X-rays taken and gave me a down to earth explanation of my issues and how he would resolve them. After 12 visits I am a true advocate of Dr. Twit, I feel straight and well adjusted. You can trust this man to help you."
    Shelton H
  • "Years of competitive sports during my youth, football, lacrosse, tennis, gymnastics and others and then years of running, and doing triathlons in the ensuing decades reeked a bit of havoc on the cervical and lumbar regions of my spine. I had some success addressing the issues with chiropractors over the years but had not had a regular chiropractor in almost 25 years. When we moved back to CT in 2008, the stiffness and the pain became more of an impediment to both physical activity and even desk work. Last year, I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Shan Twit during one of his "meet and greet" sessions at a local Walgreens. I went for the diagnosis and from that day on, I have been a regular and very happy patient. What impressed me from the start and has continued is Dr. Twit's holistic approach to the patient. It's more than just an adjustment. His concern and treatments focus on all aspects of your health."
    Chris G
  • "When I first came to Dr. Twit I had been dealing with an extremely painful neck for more than a year. I also have had episodes of lower back pain my whole life. After seeing many doctors I heard about Dr. Twit from a friend, so decided to make an appointment. I was extremely impressed with the thorough initial exam he gave and his excellent training and vast knowledge. I also liked the fact that he wouldn't adjust me until he saw X-ray films. After several months of adjustments I feel unbelievable improvement. Dr. Twit has given me exercises and a great deal of information which has educated me and helped my condition. He is always thoughtful, responsive and takes a great deal of time answering all my questions...and I always have a lot of them! I recommended Dr. Twit to a friend and he also has seen amazing improvement. I would definitely recommend Dr. Twit to anyone!"
    Suzanne W
  • "Back in late 2008, a new young, energetic and highly skilled Chiropractor took over the clinic next to my office. I knew at a glance he was passionate about his profession and energetic. However I had know idea how skilled he was. Few Chiropractors have the opportunity to grow up with a renowned and highly respected Chiropractor as a father. Even fewer get to work and study under them for years- the benefits of which became very clear to me over time. He listened to me and asked new probing questions each time I visited to get to the cause of my health issues. He brought my mobility up to a new level, completely eliminated my lower back pain and corrected my hip that was out of place. But maybe most importantly, Dr. Twit gave me a new desire to prioritize my health through his genuine care, nutrition and exercise tips."
    Emil W.
  • "I started seeing Dr. Shan Twit for back and neck pain 3 times per week in 2008. By the time he left Wisconsin to open his new practice in Connecticut, I only needed to see him every other week. I was very sorry to see Dr. Twit move so far away. I feel like I lost a friend as well as an excellent chiropracter."
    Beth D.
  • "I was having chronic back pain and lost my previous chiropractor. So I was on the search for a great Chiro. I found it in Dr. Twit. Not only was he caring with all his patients, but he took the time in his busy schedule to teach, chat, and answer all my questions. He was great and is missed here in Wisconsin very much. Due to his wonderful care, I have not been to a Chiro since he left. I continue to eat better, exercise, and continue all the back exercises that Dr. Twit taught me. I wish him good luck with his new practice, but know he will do well!"
    Angie T.
  • "I had lower back pain for a year before I became a patient of Dr. Twit's. After adjustments 2 times a week for a month and then once a week for 3 months; my back pain had improved significantly. My pain went from a 6 out of 10 to about a 4 out of 10 in 4 months! That's very amazing, considering the extent of my injury. After following through with the recommended therapy, wellness and adjustments for 3 years my pain is consistently a 2 out of 10. I've seen other chiropractors in the past but have had no results better than these. Nothing but referrals from me!"
    Tate R.
  • "My thyroid had been swollen since my early thirties. In my forties it was determined that I needed to be on medication for hypothyroidism. My thyroid still remained swollen and tests showed no reason for it. In my fifties I attended a talk by Dr. Twit where he said a misaligned spine could cause the thyroid to swell and not perform well. Sure enough after a few months of visits with Dr. Twit my thyroid swelling completely went away!"
  • "When I came in my right arm was numb + tingly. Within 2 weeks I have NO pain at all! Highly recommend Dr. Shan!"
  • "I was a bit leary of chiropractors when I started coming here. But I soon found Dr. Twit's knowledge and professionalism were extensive. His technique is excellent and my back has stopped hurting after years of pain! I will definitely continue coming here."
  • "I started seeing Dr. Twit after my back went out last summer while gardening. I've been going for adjustments for about 15 years and was very impressed with his method, which is different than the Dr's I went to in the past. Love love the traction machine, and the light therapy helped ease my elbow pain almost immediately! My work as an electrologist has me hunched over all day-Dr. Twit helps me go on without pain :)"
  • "I am a former professional dancer and am currently a dance teacher. I have never in my career been treated by a chiropractor not realizing how much damage I have occurred over the years. I came to Dr. Twit when the pain in my back + neck took my breath away and could barely walk. After 6 weeks of treatment I feel amazing and am back dancing + exercising in full swing. I would highly recommend."
  • "I started with lower back pain a year ago-and through PT + cortisone shots, saw only minimal improvement and had stopped all physical activity. After only four adjustments with Dr. Twit, I went on a golf trip expecting not to play-I tried one hole-no pain; 9 holes ---> no pain ---> 45 HOLES + two days later ---> NO PAIN! I went from thinking golf may not be in my future to hope that I have many years of normal activity and with my two young sons. DR. TWIT is AWESOME!"
  • "I came in because I'm a professional Ballroom dancer and had pain in my neck. This impacts my work heavily. Dr. Twit helped me to get back into full swing!"
  • "I came to Dr. Twit for help with my back & hips. Not only has Dr. Twit corrected my back & hip issues but has DONE WONDERS with my vertigo problems. I do not get the dizziness like I did before coming to Dr. Twit. My vertigo episodes are few & far between. I could not be happier."
  • "Dr. Twit has been the first one to help me alleviate my pain from a car accident I was in in 2011. I had sever whiplash, and with the high physical demand my job has on my body it was very difficult to manage my pain despite a healthy lifestyle. Chiropractic care with Dr. Twit has changed my life and at 23 years old, I finally feel my age again. I would recommend his gentle, compassionate care to anyone."
  • "This was the first week in a very long time that I have been pain free. Treatment with Dr. Twit has been nothing short of amazing + life changing for me. I sleep better + feel amazing. Learned some things along the way. Can't recommend him enough!"
    Dr. MP
  • "My crooked hips were so painful that the shooting pain would keep me up at night. But my awesome chiro Dr. Twit straightened out my hips and my pain is COMPLETELY GONE! YAY DR. TWIT! HE IS MY HERO!!!"
  • "I recently had a serious low back, neck, shoulder injury and had been seeing many Drs. And since I started seeing Dr. Twit my pain levels have decreased by 80%. I'm so grateful that I found Dr. Twit. Definitely a Dr. that I recommend to family and friends. Thank you very much Dr. Twit."

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