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Meet Our Team

  • Dr.
    Shan Twit

    After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point with a bachelors degree in Biology, Dr. Shan Twit then attended the esteemed Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. Upon receiving his doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College in 2004, Dr. Twit began working to free people from pain and improve their health. Dr. Twit focuses on correcting misalignments of the spinal column in order to allow for the central nervous system (made of the brain and spinal cord) to function properly. This is done without the use of drugs or surgery through a safe and gentle spinal adjustment. Dr. Twit has adjusted patients of all ages, ranging from only 37 hours to 99 years old and has had phenomenal results. Dr. Twit also enjoys working out, eating at new restaurants and everything involving the outdoors.

    In addition to correcting spinal misalignments, Dr. Twit places a heavy emphasis on proper nutrition, regular exercise and the importance of supplementation with all of his patients. Dr. Twit holds regular dinner talks in the community because he believes a well-educated patient will heal faster and make better health decisions. Ask Dr. Twit for the time and location of the next dinner talk! Dr. Twit thoroughly enjoys educating the public on many topics including headaches, stress management, back pain, digestive disorders, sleeping disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, pediatrics and many more. Dr. Twit also discusses the benefits of proper nutrition and the safe way to exercise. To that extent Dr. Twit has given hundreds of free health workshops and screenings at many companies. If your company would like the doctor to provide a free health workshop for you and your employees give us a call today!

    For a consultation with Dr. Twit to see how Chiropractic can benefit you, please call Cornerstone Chiropractic Wellness at (859) 253-0038.

  • Eric Byrd
    Massage Therapist

    Eric Byrd is Nationally Board Certified (NCBTMB #526987-07) and Kentucky State Licensed Massage Therapist (KY#2031). His experience and understanding of the needs of his clients, listening to their health concerns and being Divinely called to truly help others is based on years of personal experiences. Eric is a graduate and alum of the Lexington Healing Arts Academy graduating in the fall of 2006. He has taken great strides in expanding his knowledge of Cranio-Sacral Therapy studying with The Upledger Institute and Visceral Manipulation Therapy under the direction of The Barral Institute operating in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is a Certified-practitioner in Medical Massage Therapy assisting with the soft tissue trauma sustained from accidents, worker’s comp claims, and slips and falls. This program specializes in specific parts of the body assisting in detailed therapy work and in collaboration with other health care providers like Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Osteopathic physicians, and pain clinics, to help patients return to pre-trauma conditions.

    In addition to his Medical and therapeutic work, he is also very competent in Hot and Cold Stone therapy, Aromatherapy and Clinical Aromatherapy, and as well, general skin health, using exfoliation and mud products. Eric is a member of the American Massage and Therapeutic Association (#1257362) and is in excellent standings with the Bluegrass chapter of the Better Business Bureau. Eric is married to his wife, Janet and has two grown children, one grand-daughter, and one grand-son.

    Prior to working in the health care industry, Eric has over 20 years of industrial experience as an Environmental Consultant specializing with ambient air quality requirements for small businesses, residential construction, commercial diving, printing, aerospace procurement, cabinetry, and mining reforestation. Eric holds a Master’s of Science and a Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Forestry from the University of Kentucky. He earned a graduate certificate in Environmental Systems from the University of Kentucky and has an Associate of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. Eric is a Member of the Gamma Sigma Delta Agriculture Honor Society and the Golden Key National Honor Society. He is an Advanced Open Water Diver, and holds the rank of black belt in Shorin-Do Kempo Karate.

  • Fonta Sawyer
    Health Coach

    Learning and studying through health-related jobs and classes for many years, Fonta Sawyer is passionate about helping others find solutions to their health challenges.

    Fonta is a holistic health coach who helps guide her clients to achieving balance in their life both mentally, physically, spiritually and nutritionally. At cornerstone chiropractic wellness, one of the tools Fonta utilizes is a German technology called Bemer. 74% of all blood circulates through the microcirculation and 95% of all health issues are directly related to problems in the capillary beds. However, because capillaries are so small it’s difficult to work on and repair damage to these tiny blood vessels but luckily that’s where Bemer shines. As a matter of fact, the Bemer is so advanced that NASA has contracted them to incorporate their technology into the astronaut suits!

    Fonta also educates her clients on the proper approach to a achieving their weight loss goals and explains what makes up a nutritious meal. She also uses various essential oils and is a strong advocate for the type of chiropractic methods used by Dr. Twit.

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