How a Chiropractor Can Help with Scoliosis

Scoliosis requires a variety of treatments to ensure that the deformity doesn't cause a host of problems either at the time of diagnosis or later in life. These vary depending on the severity of the curve and other such factors. Here is an overview of the condition and what can be done to help:

Spine with Scoliosis.

What is Scoliosis?

This condition involves an abnormal S-shaped curve along the backbone. The spine is supposed to have an S-curve going from front to back, but with scoliosis, it also curves from side to side. That curve can result in visible problems like one hip being higher than the other, the torso is bent to one side, and similar effects. It can be very painful and debilitating in its severe forms due to the malformations it causes.

There are two main forms of scoliosis: Congenital and idiopathic. A congenital condition is one you were born with. An idiopathic condition arises later, but for reasons that aren't known. Other forms come about due to injuries, disease, malnutrition, and other factors. These are rare compared to the prevalence of the first two types.


Which treatments are used, if any, depend on the degree of the curvature involved? Abnormal curvatures of less than 10 degrees are not considered disease states and are not treated. Those from 10-20 are classed as "mild" and typically require no treatment either. Once a curve reaches 20-40 degrees, it is classed as "moderate scoliosis" and treatments are strongly suggested.

For moderate scoliosis, a combination of bracing and chiropractic treatment is often recommended. Chiropractors typically don't provide braces to teens, but instead, focus on helping with mobility and pain reduction by working on the peripheral aspects of the disease. They can provide this help to patients of all ages.

A chiropractor in Lexington knows that much of the pain of this condition results from how it throws the entire body out of position. Therefore, he will work to improve this positioning by bringing more mobility to the spine and surrounding areas. This helps to get everything in balance and reduce undue stresses on body parts that aren't meant to handle them. He will also work to prevent further degradation of the spine, reduce pain, and improve general comfort.

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