Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief in Lexington

Back pain can rob you of your strength, flexibility, mobility, and comfort. For too many patients, conventional treatment of back pain consists of medication to mask the pain and recommendations to rest. This treatment does not get to the root of the problem, and many patients wind up relying on drugs just to feel normal. If you want to treat back pain at the root, and live your life in wellness, see our chiropractor serving Lexington and the surrounding communities.

back pain relief

Causes & Symptoms of Back Pain

  • Back pain has many causes, whether it is upper or lower back pain. Many people develop overuse injuries or muscle strain from years of improper biomechanics, poor lifting, or poor posture. Others experience lower back pain from sciatica.
  • A bulging, slipped, or herniated disc can cause low back pain.
  • Chronic back pain may be due to fibromyalgia or oseteoarthritis.
  • Back pain's main symptom is pain. Some people experience muscle spasms and muscle weakness, while others feel numb or develop a pins and needles feeling.
  • The good news is, whatever causes your back pain, our chiropractor can provide natural, effective back pain relief.

Our Lexington Chiropractor Treats Upper, Mid & Lower Back Pain

All-natural back pain relief begins with a thorough evaluation to see what's causing your back pain and where your spine is blocked. We know that blockages of the spine cause subluxations, which prevent the nervous system from healing illness. As we remove the subluxations, your body can begin to heal itself naturally. Every adjustment relieves pain, pressure, and inflammation while creating the ideal conditions for injury recovery.

Our holistic healing approach combines massage, nutrition, and chiropractic adjustments to bring about effective relief. Massage loosens soft tissue, increases circulation, and drains toxins using the lymph nodes. Massage also warms up the body prior to a chiropractic adjustment, which realigns and unblocks the spine.

To complement massage and chiropractic, we recommend nutrition supplements and wellness suggestions. By taking the supplements and following our lifestyle advice, you can boost energy levels, nourish your body, and feel great!

Our adjustments are gentle enough that we can treat babies, teens, adults and seniors, yet effective at relieving pain for good. While it will take several visits to our Lexington chiropractor to fully treat your condition, patients report a direct reduction in their pain after the first appointment.

As we get you well, we will shift our focus to keep you pain-free. Thus, we may recommend a new workstation setup, prescribe stretches or core strengthening exercises, or offer other personal suggestions to get you well.

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Dr. Shan Twit, our Lexington chiropractor, offers a free consultation to new clients. If you haven't tried chiropractic yet, why not come in and learn how Dr. Twit can help you relieve symptoms and causes of back pain without harmful medication? Reserve your free consultation on our website or call the clinic today at 859-253-0038.

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