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Why You Should See a Chiropractor in Lexington

Why You Should See a Chiropractor in Lexington

Do you suffer from chronic or acute pain after an accident, injury, nerve pain, muscle strain, or anything else? If so, you may benefit from chiropractic, a natural therapy that uses no medication to provide pain control. Learn what to expect with a chiropractic adjustment and why you should see our chiropractor in Lexington. 

Our Lexington chiropractor treats children and adults who suffer nerve pain, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, and other conditions. Many of our patients have tried other therapies hoping to relieve their symptoms, and then turned to chiropractic care out of frustration that they still experienced pain. 

Since chiropractic is a gentle, non-invasive therapy, it is safe for individuals of all ages. There is no harmful medication that comes with dangerous or unpleasant side effects. Compared with traditional medicine, chiropractic is a natural way to manage pain. 

What to Expect With Chiropractic for Pain Relief

During your initial consultation with our chiropractor in Lexington, we'll do an exam and take a health history. By evaluating your posture, reviewing your symptoms, and conducting tests, our chiropractor will determine how to best treat your pain. 

Natural pain relief usually consists of chiropractic adjustments to remove subluxations of the spine and restore proper ligaments, joint, and spinal alignment. Realigning your body increases range of motion, relieves inflammation, and decreases pain naturally. 

Taking back pain as an example, we restore spinal alignment to decrease pain and inflammation in the back. As we bring your spine back into alignment, the nervous system can self-heal underlying issues, such as muscle strain. 

Once you're in a healthier state, we can demonstrate strengthening exercises or stretches to prevent a recurrence of back pain. We may recommend supplements to keep you in good health or prescribe massage therapy for soft tissue pain that accompanies your back pain. 

Find Pain Relief at Our Lexington Chiropractor Today!

Would you like to learn more about chiropractic, or speak with our Lexington chiropractor about your health needs? We are standing by - call (859) 253-0038 with any concerns today! 

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