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Are You Suffering From Neck Pain?

Are You Suffering From Neck Pain in Lexington?

Are you suffering from neck pain in Lexington? Find out how our chiropractor, Dr. Twit, can relieve your neck pain and boost your overall health, no pain medication necessary. are you suffering from neck pain in lexington?

Causes & Symptoms of Neck Pain 

The chief symptom of neck pain is pain that lasts for several days. Along with the pain, you might feel tension, stiffness, aching muscles, pins and needles sensation, and reduced mobility in your neck. When you experience these symptoms, it's time to see our Lexington chiropractor for an exam and treatment. 

As part of our care, we'll determine what's causing your neck pain. 

Typical causes include: 

  • Auto accident injury - This commonly leads to whiplash or severe neck strain. 
  • Sports injury - One bad fall on the field can throw your cervical spine out of alignment, causing neck pain. 
  • Poor posture - Poor posture takes a toll on your spine, causing pain in the neck and back. 
  • Poor ergonomics - If your workstation isn't set up for ergonomics, hours staring at the screen will cause pain. 
  • Text neck - When you crane your head forward and down to use your phone, it places pressure on the neck muscles and causes structural problems. The end result is pain. 

How Our Chiropractor Treats Lexington Neck Pain

We start our neck pain treatments by adjusting the spine and offering massage therapy. Spinal adjustments restore the spine's alignment and reduce tension, inflammation, and pain signals. Massage relieves achy muscles, promotes lymphatic drainage, and initiates the recovery process so damaged tissue can begin to heal.

After a series of neck pain treatments, your neck will be pain-free and you'll have your mobility back. So you remain in good health, we'll show you how to take care of your neck with stretches, strengthening exercises, and lifestyle advice. 

Call Our Chiropractor in Lexington Today!

Our chiropractor in Lexington is accepting new patients today, and we even offer a free consultation for new patients. To learn more about our approach to neck pain treatment, and begin your journey toward wellness, please give us a call at 859-253-0038. 

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