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Stretches to Prevent Holiday Neck Pain

Stretches to Prevent Neck Pain from Long Holiday Travels

Sitting in one place causes stiffness fairly quickly, and if you're looking in the same direction for hours, you'll often feel it in the neck more than any other place. Unfortunately, such situations are common during holiday travels. Hours are spent in cars, planes, and even trains as people travel between states to meet up at family reunions and other gatherings. Then, the special day is marred by the neck pain that accompanies all of that sitting and looking forward.

Woman flying on a plane, with neck pain.

Stretches to Avoid a Stiff, Painful Neck

The right stretches are key to avoiding stiffness in the neck and shoulders during and just after long trips, say a chiropractor in Lexington. If you're a passenger, you can do them right where you're sitting. When you're driving, of course, it's better to stop the car first.

One of the easiest types of stretches is the head roll. Simply "roll" your head in a front, right shoulder, back, left shoulder, and forward again. Do this slowly so that your muscles don't bind up. Repeat the action a few times until your neck feels nice and supple. If one or more areas seem extra-stiff, gently move your head in the opposite direction as the stiff area to loosen that part more.

The next good stretch concentrates more on the top of your shoulders as well as your neck. Tilt your head to the side until you feel tightness on the opposite side. Be sure to do this gently. Hold it there for a few seconds and then do it in the other direction.

Give Yourself a Little Massage

Sometimes, stretching alone isn't quite enough to loosen everything up. This is because stiffness often goes down into some of the less-mobile areas, such as your collarbone. Gently, but firmly, massage these associated parts of the body to remove stiffness there and keep it from coming back up into the neck.

For more tips for preventing travel-related stiffness, just contact us here at Cornerstone Chiropractic Wellness in Lexington, KY. We have a special for new patients, so if you need any treatments, be sure to make an appointment as well!

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