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Tips to Relieve Holiday Back Pain

You Can Prevent Back Pain This Winter

Back pain is a major problem for many people today -- in fact, it's one of the most common problems that people see our chiropractor during the winter months. There are several ways that you can help prevent back injury this winter, including the following. 

Woman with back pain during the holiday season.

  • Proper Lifting - Proper lifting is key when it comes to preventing back pain. When you lift a box -- or anything else of significant weight -- it's important that you do so by bending down and standing up the right way. Bend at your knees, planting feet apart at staying well balanced. Never bend from your waist -- it's a common cause of back injuries today. As you lift the object, use a slow and controlled motion, avoiding any jerky or sharp movements. 
  • Strength Building Exercises - One of the best ways to avoid back injury this winter is to have a strong core. There are many specialized exercises that can help you strengthen the muscles that support your back. Our chiropractor, Dr. Twit, can create a personalized exercise plan just for you -- and the best part is that you can do these prescribed exercises in just minutes at home each day. No reason to brave the freezing weather, either: They're quick indoor exercises perfect for wintertime. 

Our Chiropractor in Lexington Can Help

Our chiropractor in Lexington, KY, Dr. Twit, became a chiropractor to help people get free from pain -- and to help them improve their overall wellness. The focus during treatment at Cornerstone Chiropractic Wellness is on correction of spinal misalignments. This allows for normal and healthy central nervous system functioning. 

Dr. Twit can adjust patients of any age, from infants to geriatric patients. Chiropractic is a safe way to alleviate back pain as well as many other kinds of pain. Need back pain help this winter? New patients get a free consultation at Cornerstone Chiropractic Wellness, so there's no reason to suffer. Contact Cornerstone Chiropractic Wellness for help today. 

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